Historic Sites (Kakuda's Historic Sites)

Historical Sites (Kakuda's Historic Sites)

Kozoji Temple, Amidado Hall (a designated Japanese National Treasure)

Said to have been built by the wife of Shuei Fujiwara in 1177, this is one of Japan's seven Amidado Halls, and the oldest wooden structure in Miyagi Prefecture.

The Amidado Hall enshrines a 2.7-meter statue of Buddha that is reputed to have been made in 1178


Former Sato Family Residence (a designated Heritage Site)

Adjacent to the western side of the Kozoji Amidado Hall is the Sato Family Residence, a medium-sized farmhouse that was typical of houses of the old Sendai territory in the middle of the Edo Period. It represents the simple lifestyles of the Tohoku Region farming communities of the feudal era.


Mount Tokura

Revered through the ages as a sacred mountain, Mount Tokura is known for its abundant variety of trees and winged inhabitants. In fact, some refer to this site as ‘the wild bird forest.’ Visitors can enjoy a leisurely stroll along Mount Tokura's paths listening to the chirping of the birds and trying out their bird-watching skills.


Historical Library

This building was constructed slowly over time starting in the early Meiji Era and completed during the Taisho Era. It belonged to a member of the Ujiie Family, one of the three most powerful families of Kakuda. On the library grounds are a formal Japanese garden and an exquisite white-walled storehouse. Works on display here include archaeological and historical documents of Kakuda.

Historical Eras
Edo Era1603-1867
Meiji Era1868-1912
Taisho Era1912-1926
Showa Era1926-1989
Heisei Era1989-present