Industory (Industries of Kakuda)

Industory (Industries of Kakuda)


Harvesting rice

Agriculture is the key industry of Kakuda City. The chief products are rice, vegetables, meat, and fruit. Kakuda is the prefecture's top producer of rice and pears.

Recently Kakuda's agriculture industry has been pioneering new supply-chain strategies to reduce usage of agricultural chemicals and provide direct-to-consumer produce delivery services. Continuing efforts are made to improve quality and efficiency and reduce ecological impact; studies are carried out consistently with the future of agriculture in mind.



Industrial Park

Since the 1970s Kakuda has actively encouraged companies to expand manufacturing of machinery, automobile parts, and textiles into the area. In 2010, 61 companies employing 6,259 people shipped goods worth approximately 183.6 billion yen.



Shinken Factory

In 2007, Kakuda City had 381 stores employing 2,112 staff and bringing in an annual sales average of about 33.4 billion yen. The city of Kakuda is working to arrange thoroughfares and transportation facilities that will ensure a pleasant, safe, and attractive shopping environment and will meet the diverse needs of consumers.